My Philosophy
Learning guitar should be fun. I will teach you songs immediately, with patience and encouragement.  My motto: Have fun, play songs.

Your Goals
Do you want to learn how to strum your favorite songs? Or do you want to explore the realm of theory, scales, and sight reading? Whatever your goals, I will help you reach them with a customized course of study that keeps you adequately challenged.

I mostly play rock, folk, and jazz music on both electric and acoustic guitars.

Skill Level
I specialize in teaching beginners. However, if you already have a good foundation of skills I can help you stretch your playing abilities even farther.

Younger People
There are no strict guidelines that dictate at what age a person can begin to learn guitar, young or old. That said, five years old seems to be a good starting point for kids. But of course, each child is different. Sometimes, if you're just not sure, the trial-by-fire method is a great test. After a lesson or two you will have a good idea if a child is ready to continue on or not.

Older People
Sometimes I hear people say they are too old to learn to play an instrument. Phooey! The guitar can be learned no matter where you are in your life's journey. In fact, it might just take you in a completely new direction or light a new fire in you. I know a woman who waited until she was in her 60's to learn the guitar. She told me she found her calling and had become completely hooked.

The Right Instrument
Check out my Guitars For Kids article.

Your Practicing
Obviously, the more you practice, the better you get. But I know not everyone has two hours to spend each night hammering out modal scales and drop two chord voicings. But it is important for both you and me to establish expectations regarding how much time you can dedicate to practicing during the week. It will help you stay on track to accomplish your goals.

Feel free to sit in and observe during your child's lesson.

Upon request, I will record lessons for you or your child and provide you with a digital copy. Listening back to your own playing is a great learning tool. I highly recommend it.

Availability and Rates
I am available to teach between the hours of 10AM and 6PM, Monday through Friday. My fee is $50 an hour, $37.50 for ¾ of an hour, or $25 for ½ and hour. Lessons are conducted at my home studio. I will make house calls for an additional fee of $25 if you are not too far away. To schedule your lesson or just ask me some questions, call me at 612-396-9025 or email me at paul (at) soundwavesguitar (dot) com.

Contact me if you would like a copy of my policies regarding payment, attendance, etc. Please note, I am easy to get along with and am always interested in the fair, just, and logical way to work things out when problems arise.

More About Me
For more about me, go to the About Me page.

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