About Me, The Guitar Teacher

My name is Paul Bergren and I am a musician. I play guitar, sing, write songs and instrumentals, record, mix, produce, Guitar Teacher Sound Waves Guitar Instruction Minneapolisand of course, am a guitar teacher! The guitar has been a part of my life for almost 30 years. I began by taking group and private lessons in my local area and later studied music in college. At St. Olaf College, I studied Classical guitar, Jazz guitar and songwriting at Berklee College of Music, and at the University of Minnesota I studied Classical voice and composition. Throughout the years I played in a few rock bands. Currently, I give solo performances and produce music in my home studio. If you want to know more about my teaching, go to my Teaching page.


Laura is my fantastic wife. She runs a super-cool fair trade and home goods business called True Ethic. We have a daughter and a son. Both of them are exceptionally beautiful and intelligent. We all share our home with our dog Indy and our cat Waffles. Indy’s favorite past time is trying to scare whoever comes to our door by barking loud and excitedly. But in truth, he his very friendly and is just extremely excited to see you. I apologize in advance if he startles you, but truly, he is very affectionate.


In addition to music and being a guitar teacher, I enjoy traveling, skiing/snowboarding, reading, and cycling.


My Music

As I mentioned before, I am not only a guitar teacher. I also love to write and produce music. Lately, I’ve been working on instrumental music, but I also like to work on songs. You can hear many of my instrumentals at soundcloud.com. I have also recently been involved with a project by Gravejoy, reinventing old hymns. You can hear that at gravejoy.com. If you want to hear some of my original songs, you can also go to paulbergren.net. All of the music was recorded and produced by me. And with the exception of Gravejoy, I also wrote all of the music. Currently, I am recording my new album of original songs. I will release it in 2018.