Cool Stuff
Clockwork Bikes - A great custom framebuilder for your next bike. He's based in Milwaukee and can custom build a bike for you no matter where you live. He built my road bike and I love it.

Tanpopo Noodle Shop
- A delightful and delicious Japanese restaurant in Lower Town St. Paul right by the farmers' market.

Laura Jean Bergren Art
- My wife is a talented visual artist. She likes to create paintings, mixed media, collage, art jewelry and prints. Check out some of her latest masterpieces.

Paul Bergren Music
- This is my artist page. Check out some of my music and find out where you can see me play next.

Welcome to My Links page. Below you will find a sampling of what I find to be cool on the web. Some of it is local, some of it is global. Some of it is music related, some of it isn't. It's all cool.
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